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Drawing wine glass
Idea / Design

Every glass starts with the idea

My idea was to create a modern collection of wine glasses without any compromises.

As a wine lover I identified what exactly makes wine glasses perfect for wine tasting. As a designer I have developer the Cardinal collection to be glassware with clean lines. In collaboration with the best glassblowers in the world we have created something more than a wine glass - an art wine glass with and ultra-thin bowl and 4-5mm stem in diameter.
The glasses are strong enough due to the materials used - sodium potassium glass. The result is a 1600°C hot, lead-free molten mass - pure crystal.

Wine / philosophy

Cardinal - the lightest glasses in the world

Strenght in simplicity

Our glasses are based on the idea that we want to let the wine sing.
TG glasses are the medium between the wine and the enthusiast, created to serve in harmony with wine.

There is a lot of other beautiful wine glasses, but TG glasses are a combination of elegance, function and the master skills and abilities of our glassblowers.

All of his leads to the masterpiece – the Cardinal collection.

Wine glass designer Jiri Tillman