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Why Tillman Glass

We have created the collection called TG Cardinal. The Cardinal glasses are ultra-fine, made from lead-free crystal. TG Cardinal glasses are conservative with an elegant stem and ultra thin rummer. There are six glasses available - red and white wine glasses, a champagne glass and a universal glass.
This collection is designed for wine lovers and enthusiasts as well as for sommeliers with strong focus on its function.
All these glasses are fully hand-made and are hand crafted in our glassworks to a high quality. The glasses are tremendously light yet still strong enough for long-term usage. Besides the elegant design, the glasses elevate all of the aromas and flavours from all wines.

Tillman Glass was established by a passionate wine enthusiast and wine cellar designer Jiri Tillman. Jiri was studying wine secrets for more than two decades and finalized his experience with WSET institute studies in Austria. On his journey he has connected his passion for wine with his professional life.

„I have loved wine for the majority of my life and realized very early that delicate wine deserves special glass. My glasses are made by reputable glass blowers, who produce top end glassware. Their knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation and the connection of this knowledge with my knowledge of wine has led to the first collection of Tillman Glass called Cardinal. The mission of my glasses is to help wine lovers enjoy the pleasures of wine“.
Jiri Tillman